Online Guitar Tracks

You can now get professional quality guitar tracks and overdubs without paying for hefty studio rental,  equipment rental or cartage fees, studio engineer fees and personnel costs.  

Top notch, high quality equipment is used in Ryan's studio.  This includes a wide array of vintage and modern electric and acoustic guitars, guitar amps, effects pedals, microphones and pre-amps; all of which combine to ensure the highest quality guitar tracks for your project. 

The process of doing a remote recording session is simple:

  • Send your track via email.  Sending as an MP3 is preferred.  Please include the tempo, and any specific requests, parts, or ideas that you may have for your track. 
  • When the tracks have been completed, a preview will be sent back for your approval.  
  • Once approved, the track in its entirety will be sent to you in your preferred format, as either a WAV or AIF file.

Guitar Tracks are $125.00 per track, and can be paid via Paypal below :

* Do you need other instruments on your tracks ?  Ryan works with some of Nashville's best instrumentalists, whether it's Drums / percussion, Bass, Keys, lap / pedal steel, fiddle, mandolin, or even accordian.  Just contact Ryan and he  would be happy to help you get in touch with them !

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